The Cedar Market Advantage Portfolios are built on the idea of blending strategic approaches with tactical strategies can result in a better overall portfolio construction. With years of experience in the tactical investment space and multiple innovative strategic offerings, Cedar is in a unique position to deliver complete portfolio solutions with flexibility to accommodate a wide range of adviser and client preferences and risk profiles. Based on in-depth research, the Cedar MAPs utilize multiple tactical strategies to potentially diversify key portfolio risk while including strategic and innovative alternative strategies to complete the asset allocation.


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We are built on integrity.

We are comprehensive in our research.

We are dynamic in our offerings.

We are flexible in our approach.


Leadership Team

The Cedar Capital leadership team is made up of innovative thought leaders who have numerous years of experience in the financial industry. Our leadership team oversees operations and business performance, sales distribution, strategy and planning, talent development and retention, risk management, and external affairs. We put a very high emphasis on integrity and trust and forged a corporate culture that empowers our employees to make a difference.

Paul R. Ingersoll

Chief Executive Officer | Partner

    Neil Peplinski

    Chief Investment Officer | Partner

      Yash Patel

      Chief Operating Officer | Partner

        Kevin Swanson

        Chief Compliance Officer

          Thomas Koleski

          Financial Advisor




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